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Re: Microsoft struggling to convince about Vista

____/ AHappyCamper on Wednesday 21 November 2007 02:38 : \____

> Richard Rasker wrote:
>> amicus_curious wrote:
>>> <nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:ec365bd0-f901-4b24-9b48-1c8ed40b90c1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> <Quote>
>>>> The majority of IT professionals worry that migrating to Windows Vista
>>>> will make their networks less stable and more complex, according to a
>>>> new survey....
>>>> The survey, echoing one from Forrester last week, shows most IT
>>>> professionals are worried about Vista and that 44% have considered non-
>>>> Windows operating systems, such as Linux and Macintosh, to avoid the
>>>> Microsoft migration.
> "most IT professionals" certainly includes Microsoft executives, and IT
> staff, because, Hotmail runs on 15,000 Free BSD servers, starting with
> the 6,500 FreeBSD and GNU/Linux servers when purchased by Microsoft, in
> 1997.
> Three phases of attempted integration of IIS, Server 2003; Server 2000;
> NT server/Back Office Server; had all failed due to being untenable(upto
> 12 Microsoft servers necessary to replace each 'Nix server), making it
> exhorbitantly expensive.
> Microsoft.com, MSN.com run 15,000 Akamai GNU/Linux leased servers.
> All corporate routers/firewalls are leased Aruba units, running GNU/Linux.
> Warp the figures all you like, but, the facts are clear.  Even Microsoft
> needs, likes, and runs, GNU/Linux and *BSD.  Microsoft recognizes
> genius, and uses it, leasing the necessary parts, and ports, such as the
> TCP/IP stacks, so that Microsoft can load/run networking in all products!

It has recently bought two companies (one of them for 6 billiob dollars) whose
entire business is built on Free software and GNU/Linux.

I guess Microsoft has to acquire the best, and the best build themselves up not
owing to Microsoft 'technologies'.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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