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Re: Sun Prepares for Major Changes Amid Attempted Assault on Linux

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> ____/ Webmink on Sunday 09 September 2007 01:23 : \____
>> On Sep 8, 12:55 am, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> wrote:
>>> It sounds like there's hope for a GNU GPLv3-ed Gentoo distribution. BSDs and
>>> OpenSolaris aside, this is an interesting possibility, but it's unlikely to
>>> fly (through adoption) any time soon. I hope that Simon Phipps will choose
>>> GPLv3 for OpenSolaris and then force Morton and Torvalds to follow suit. In
>>> the mailing list, these consequences were discussed as reasonable. Linus
>>> might have no choice but to accept the improves licence if Sun does this
>>> first.
>> I wish it was just up to me!  But it's not - I am one voice among many
>> in the OpenSolaris community and in Sun.
>> S.
> Thanks. I just know for a fact that perception of Solaris would change if it
> embraced the same philosophy that got Baby Linux as far as it has come
> (despite billion-dollar 'lawsuits' and endless propaganda against it). As
> Schwartz said (implicitly) not so long ago, staying proprietary for so long
> was a mistake. Sun has a lot of muscle as a company and it could probably run
> over many of its rivals if it combined its hardware and excellent software
> (ZFS for example) with business models that can't be easily defeated. Sun
> could be Red Hat with decades of prior experience, code, and mounds of cash
> reserves.

Well, Simon understands the licensing issues well indeed, he did an
excellent presentation for us about a year or so ago, and even then was
talking about the possibilities for GPLed JAVA, too.

> Jack Luftos wrote an article not so long ago only to show that there's
> opposition among the clients/developers/community. It's probably all about
> idealogy or complacency.

A lot of so-called ideology is really misapprehension.  I've not seen a
single criticism of GPLv3 which wasn't really based on fear of negative
consequences.  People are notoriously poor at assessing risks and
probabilities, and GPLv3 seems to have pushed a few "I'm scared"

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