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Re: Sun Prepares for Major Changes Amid Attempted Assault on Linux

____/ Webmink on Sunday 09 September 2007 01:23 : \____

> On Sep 8, 12:55 am, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> It sounds like there's hope for a GNU GPLv3-ed Gentoo distribution. BSDs and
>> OpenSolaris aside, this is an interesting possibility, but it's unlikely to
>> fly (through adoption) any time soon. I hope that Simon Phipps will choose
>> GPLv3 for OpenSolaris and then force Morton and Torvalds to follow suit. In
>> the mailing list, these consequences were discussed as reasonable. Linus
>> might have no choice but to accept the improves licence if Sun does this
>> first.
> I wish it was just up to me!  But it's not - I am one voice among many
> in the OpenSolaris community and in Sun.
> S.

Thanks. I just know for a fact that perception of Solaris would change if it
embraced the same philosophy that got Baby Linux as far as it has come
(despite billion-dollar 'lawsuits' and endless propaganda against it). As
Schwartz said (implicitly) not so long ago, staying proprietary for so long
was a mistake. Sun has a lot of muscle as a company and it could probably run
over many of its rivals if it combined its hardware and excellent software
(ZFS for example) with business models that can't be easily defeated. Sun
could be Red Hat with decades of prior experience, code, and mounds of cash

Jack Luftos wrote an article not so long ago only to show that there's
opposition among the clients/developers/community. It's probably all about
idealogy or complacency.

Best wishes,


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