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Re: [News] [Rival] Windows Zombie Mess Comes to Tor

____/ Anonymous Remailer (austria) on Monday 10 September 2007 07:27 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Storm Worm: New wave uses Tor network
> This is a lie. Saying storm uses the Tor network is exactly like saying
> your garden variety phishing email uses a bank's network. The creators
> of storm are using Tor's good name just like any other net criminal
> uses a bank, PayPal, Ebay, whatever.

True. This gives Tor (which you apparently use) a bad name. EBay and PalPal are
already associated with bulk mail and fraud, which drives potential users
(customers) away.

E-mail as a system has become irrelevant or impractical to some (it depends who
you ask). Even addresses that are not posted publicly are being harvested from
people's address books, which are built and extended when a recipient respond
to a message. If your friend's PC gets zombified, the spammers will sooner or
later treat your mail account.

Zombies are a /huge/ problem and since Windows market share will take a good
decade to 'decompose', zombies (and along with them -- SPAM/fraud/identity
theft/spyware/malware/DDOS attacks) are not going away.

Gates thought he will have eliminated Windows zombies by 2006. He was wrong. It
gets worse all the time.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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