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Re: [Rival] Another Microsoft Bully in Government Exposed

____/  luisortizhome@xxxxxxxxx on Saturday 08 September 2007 19:02 : \____

> On Sep 8, 1:56 am, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> ____/ Kier on Saturday 08 September 2007 06:46 : \____
>> >> You also called Rex a nutter. I took offence in this.
>> > Because he is a nutter. Sad, but true.
>> Taking things out of context and conversing with the trolls is a path for a
>> distorted interpretation and point of view. For all I know, some people out
>> there might actually think that I had a radical surgery or got beaten up by
>> policemen in some gay night club. The trolls lie. They plant lies and they
>> try to use extrapolation as an excuse or method. They resorts to slander in
>> order to discredit people and hurt their reputation. It happend outside COLA
>> as well. Take PJ for example. The O'Gara incident was only one among many.
>> It carries on today.
>> If you continue to flirt with and echo the trolls' words, then I won't have
>> much interest in your messages because they won't be credible.
>> You know, some ordinary folks out there insist and even argue with their
>> friends (me included) because they are certain there's no global warming.
>> --
>>                 ~~ Best of wishes
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>> evening..."http://Schestowitz.com |  GNU is Not UNIX  |     PGP-Key:
>> 0x7g4572E8E
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> I would call having ones testicles removed radical surgery, don't you
> think?
> Found in another group::
> http://groups.google.com/...

All links and references therein are a case of libel and
fabrication. They are fake. It's an attempt at character assassination, which
is better off ignored.

Messages you find on the Web with my name (or identities, unless digitally
signed in a verifiable fashion) are fake.

Many thanks,


                ~~ Best of wishes

Roy S. Schestowitz    
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