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Re: Challenge for Roy, Mark, or Linonut

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> ____/ Mark Kent on Thursday 06 September 2007 14:54 : \____
>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>> ____/ Mark Kent on Thursday 06 September 2007 13:59 : \____
>>>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>>>> ____/ spike1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx on Thursday 06 September 2007 08:28 : \____
>>>>>> Tim Smith <reply_in_group@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> did eloquently scribble:
>>>>>   ^^^^^^^^^
>>>>>>> functions defined in OOXML, so if you had to implement ODF from scratch,
>>>>>>> you could use the OOXML specification to fill all those holes in ODF!
>>>>>        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>>> http://blogs.cnet.com/8301-13505_1-9771375-16.html
>>>>> Headline: "If corrupt, vote for OOXML"
>>>>> Tim Smith = corrupt .
>>>> I wonder how much he costs?
>>> Sweden was bought for only $30,000, IIRC. That's not bad. About a third of a
>>> cent per capita.
>>> I wonder how cheap Colombia was. The currency there is different and it's
>>> among the first countries where we found a breathtaking (yet in this case
>>> unsurprising) case of corruption. Among about 13 voters, at lease 9 were
>>> Microsoft partners. Imagine Microsoft getting prepared for a 'national'
>>> meeting and making a decision. They just end up saying, "hey, who invited
>>> you, 'other guys'?" and overwhelm the panel, whose chairman was in many
>>> cases a Microsoft partners as well. In Switzerland, the chairman ignore and
>>> overrode the advice and decision of the panel after speaking to someone from
>>> Microsoft. In Portugal, unless you were a Microsoft partner, you couldn't
>>> get into the meeting. Same story in Germany!
>> I wish we still had proper investigative journalism - this story alone
>> is earth-shattering in its depth and complexity of corruption - this
>> organisation is like a drugs cartel, only worse, because it /appears/ to
>> be legitimate to the casual observer, and further, has the /backing/ of
>> major western governments.  Perhaps it's more like a cigarette company?
> Don't worry. These stories about corruption have very wide coverage in
> mainstream media that even John Bloggs reads. Among those who reported these
> stories you have:
> * Me
> * Rob
> * Pamela
> * Bob
> * <No>OOXML
> * Andy, but being in the LF, he was careful not to mention bad stuff
> So there! Now the whole world knows about what happened. [the homour of
> desperation /]

Ah, be not downhearted, rather, consider that these actions are those of
a company in truly dire straights.  These are the signs of desperation
on the part of MS - it has no other route.  So many of its customers
would dearly love to exit, but cannot yet because of the exit barriers,
but every day which goes by sees further development of tools, mostly
open-source, which serve to reduce those barriers.  Messing around with
standards bodies is *not* going to change that, nor is trying to subvert
the BBC, National Archives or the British Library.

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