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Re: [News] [OT] Apache Director Mugged, Apple Shops Still Attract Burglars

____/ [H]omer on Sunday 02 September 2007 08:43 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> Third Apple retail store burglarized this month
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Burglars smashed the front window of the Apple Inc.'s Saddle Creek retail
>> | store in Memphis, Tenn. Tuesday morning, making off with $25,000 worth of
>> | goods in less than a minute flat.
>> `----
> The thieves got away with one copy of Microsoft Office for Mac, and
> signed photo of Pearly and Jobbie slipping bribes to the ISO committee.

No, I think Jobbie is one among the /received/ bribes (they use other excuses
to make the payments, e.g. deals, cross-licensing, charity) /outside/ the ISO
framework. Carmoney and Hovo-sepian are two among at least half a dozen whom I
know received some form of incentive to become a puppet and give a nod to
OOXML, i.e. to accept the Microsoft Office monopoly, endorse it, and even give
it some blessings (leave that to Miguel de Icaza).

On the other hand, Pearly and Ballmey (not Steve Jobs) are pulling other


Latest INCITS Voting Results on OOXML; JTC1 Vote Begins to be Stacked

,----[ Quote ]
| The government decided to vote together, and to follow NIST (Homeland 
| Security had voted in favor of approval in the previous ballot), so DoD fell 
| in line as well.  NIST, you may recall, is an agency of the Department of 
| Commerce (as I reported Steve Ballmer personally called the Secretary of the 
| DOC to urge this result).  GS1is a technical association.    



Microsoft Looks for the Big Guns in OOXML In-Fighting

,----[ Quote ]
| Bill Gates has reportedly been making phone calls to the Secretary of Defense 
| and the Secretary of Commerce to push the American National Standards 
| Institute to ignore the votes of its advisory committees and vote "yes" on 
| ISO standardizing Microsoft's Open Office XML (OOXML) format, the one in 
| competition with the OpenDocument Format (ODF) pushed by IBM and Sun.    
| Gates reportedly picked up the phone when the last INCITS ballot failed by 
| one vote to support Microsoft. 


Remember that Gates also uses his 'charity' (AKA "Strategies Fund") to support
a variety of things, including politicians. As one guy in Digg explained it,
they give each "protection". Politicians and industry giants...

,----[ Quote ]
| "Sadly, many of these brilliant people have been blinded by the stock
| price and unable to see that Microsoft is also the key architect of
| the greatest financial pyramid scheme this century. 
|  It is not uncommon for participants in pyramid schemes to lose their
| emotional bearings. My close friends who work at Microsoft are
| particularly upset over my work and it is possible that even Bill
| Gates and Steve Ballmer do not realize the implications of their
| financial practices."


,----[ Quote ]
| "As with all pyramid schemes, it is important to get as close to tier
| 1 as possible. From a practical standpoint, usually only tiers 1 and 2
| will derive significant long-term economic rewards from such schemes."
| "Microsoft has clearly entered a phase of self destructive behavior
| that began with the "tissue paper campaign" in 1995. This report will
| document this campaign for the first time."


With that in mind, remember what Mark Kent said about how hard it is to
separate business (even software and standards) from economics and politics.
After OpenXML, I've probably crossed the boundary and I'm not willing to go
back until Microsoft ceases to operate like a military country with
imperialistic objectives.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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