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Re: [News] .NET is Being Dropped, Java Use Grows

____/ Robert on Sunday 02 September 2007 01:38 : \____

> Kier wrote:
>> I don't get how a company can be an 'unethicalcriminal sociopath'. Only
>> individuals can be sociopaths. MS is a company, a business, not one
>> individual.
> in the early part of the 20th century, the American courts changed the
> definition of a corporation, granting the status of a corporation to
> a "person" in order for corporations to have equal rights.
> there is a video documentary on Google as well as a website with in-depth
> coverage of this.
> the website:
> http://www.thecorporation.com
> the video can be seen at the official website in flash or at Google
> http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=192012118972057552
> i have seen this documentary. it will shock you, to say the least. it will
> explain why corporations can get by with murder (literally).

/s/murder/genocide ?

Gates Foundation's 'dirty secret'

,----[ Quote ]
| Mr Gates personal ideological view is that knowledge should be treated
| as property, and that the owners should always seek monopoly-rents
| (royalties) and he's said to direct the Gates foundation to mirror
| this ideology, harming the very people he is trying to help.
| [...]
| In my ideal world, we could turn Gates ideology into honest
| philanthropy, but I'm skeptical that a man who became the richest
| man on the planet via societal misinformation around the nature of
| knowledge is going to turn around any time soon.


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