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Re: [News] .NET is Being Dropped, Java Use Grows

____/ Kier on Saturday 01 September 2007 19:09 : \____

> On Sat, 01 Sep 2007 17:39:15 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Microsoft, being the unethicalcriminal sociopath that it is, already know
>> all of the above, so it has resorted to dirty tricks (same old Halloween
>> Memos battle plan).
> I don't get how a company can be an 'unethicalcriminal sociopath'. Only
> individuals can be sociopaths. MS is a company, a business, not one
> individual.

A company is an entity characterised by the collective minds that run it..

Cringely the Unemployable on the fallacy of Web 2.0, Microsoft ruthlessness,
and the CB radio of our decade

,----[ Quote ]
| Davidson: Which software company would you hate to compete against? What 
| makes you single them out? 
| Cringely: Microsoft of course. They have the deepest of pockets, unlimited 
| ambition, and they are willing to lose money for years and years just to make 
| sure that you don't make any money, either. And they are mean, REALLY mean.  
| Davidson: Why do you think Microsoft is mean? Are you implying some kind of 
| malicious intent rather than just ruthlessness? 
| Cringely: Maybe "mean" is the wrong word to use for Microsoft. "Ruthless" is 
| good. The company is built in the image of Bill Gates and Bill is a guy who 
|       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| gets caught-up in the game of business and doesn't typically see its personal 
| cost. To use what might seem to be an obscure example, just look at all the 
| various partnerships and industry consortia that Microsoft has announced 
| through the years that never produced a product or even a usable 
| specification. There have been literally dozens of these operations that are 
| intended solely to freeze the competition until Microsoft can figure what the 
| heck it actually wants to do. To Microsoft its a PR exercise that helps them 
| compete but to customers it is just a damned lie. That's ruthless. There are 
| plenty of other examples I can give but you get the point. I represent the 
| concerns of users, not vendors, and Microsoft doesn't really care about 
| users.            


                ~~ Best of wishes

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