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[News] Denmark Objects to Making "Microsoft Office" an International 'Standard'

  • Subject: [News] Denmark Objects to Making "Microsoft Office" an International 'Standard'
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2007 04:50:45 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Denmark Votes No with Comments to OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| It's official. Denmark will vote no with comments on OOXML.


After a lot of manipulation, us usual.

Something rotten in the State of Sweden

,----[ Quote ]
| This entire OOXML campaign stinks!
| This is being forced on everyone simply because one corporation has 
| manufactured a back-door strategy, to maintain a software monopoly. 


And with monopoly like this, who is surprised to see that innovation has dies?


"In the survey, only 46 percent said they were satisfied with the return. One
cause can be traced to this: There’s a lot of fuzzy thinking about


Swiss Cheese [for OOXML]

,----[ Quote ]
| The present spin doctors of Microsoft and ECMA managed to convince Mr. 
| Thomann to reject every serious technical and general concern we had 
| regarding OOMXL by pointing to compatibility reasons. At the end we had a 
| majority _against_ Microsoft but which (giving the unfair rules) results in a 
| Swiss vote _for_ Microsoft. Mr. Thomann was fretting and fuming at the end of 
| the meeting how it can be that successful international companies (we had 
| representatives from IBM, Google, ...) vote against the best interest of 
| their customers and theirself!       
| Yes, this is how the democratic system at SNV / ISO works. After the meeting 
| I could not eat as much as I wanted to puke... 


No is no, to OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| I’ve heard several reports of supporters of OOXML trying to get national 
| standards bodies to change their votes from “NO with comments” to “YES with 
| comments” because “it’s the same thing.” The logic, which I’ll explain in a 
| later post, is that any comments will trigger a ballot resolution meeting, so 
| there is no need to be so negative and vote NO.    


IBM is still locked out of the Portuguese OOXML meeting

,----[ Quote ]
| In spite of various communications, we [IBM] are still locked out and will 
| not be allowed to participate. Microsoft will be there, as well as a special 
| Microsoft guest, as will various Microsoft business partners, and others.  


OOXML does not buy its way in Italy

,----[ Quote ]
| Particularly noteworthy is the fact that among those favouring the adoption 
| of the standard without reservation a large majority is made of business 
| partners of the proposing entity [Microsoft], a law firm retained by the 
| latter, the official certified business partners association of the proposing 
| entity.     



,----[ Quote ]
| [PJ: OpenXML.info is reporting (in Portuguese, but a Groklaw member 
| translates for us) that the person who is head of the ISO technical committee 
| about to vote on Microsoft's Ecma-376 wouldn't let IBM and Sun 
| representatives in, claiming there was no room! This, if true, is ridiculous. 
| And  here is a second source reporting the same thing, also in Portuguese. So 
| in the US, we hear reports of packing the TC. Now, it's weeding out those who 
| are not likely to vote a certain way desired? Is this how standards 
| get "approved"? I don't recall ODF having to play such games. Here is the 
| rough translation:]        
| Portugal, and more concretely, its national organization of certification IPQ 
| is a member "O" (observator) of ISO/IEC for the voting of OOXML (ISO DIS 
| 29500).  
| WARNING: the first meeting of the Technical Commission "Language for document 
| definition" was on Monday 16 of July. The vote was delayed. Representatives 
| of IBM and Sun were not allowed to attend because there "was no available 
| space in the room"   
| Dear G [Sun Microsystems] due of restricted number of members of the CT 
| (Commissao Tecnica) that can attend the scheduled meeting room to host the 
| meeting, we cannot, in this stage, accept your proposal of integration of the 
| CT.   
| With my best regards,
| D [Microsoft as president of the Technical Commission]


,----[ Quote ]
|     * More details are emerging from Portugal regarding the kerfuffle there 
|     over Ecma-376. If you read Portuguese, here you go -- just click on the 
|     link. I asked a Groklaw member to do a rough translation, and if you see 
|     ways to improve it, sing out, but it gives a bit of the history of how 
|     this committee that has no room for Sun or IBM (see previous News Picks 
|     item) was formed and how it happened to choose a Microsoft representative 
|     to be president of the committee that decides whether to "approve" 
|     Microsoft's submission as a "standard". Unless I'm missing something, it 
|     appears to have been set up so Microsoft can "approve" itself. Now that's 
|     handy. Here's the translation of the part about how Microsoft is 
|     represented on this committeee with no room for IBM or Sun:]          
|       I was present on the meeting of the Technical Commission (CT) created 
|       to award the ISO standards in the area of structured documents (in 
|       Portugal)  
|       A Technical Commission (CT) did not exist when ISO 26300 (Open 
|       Document) was submitted neither when there was a submission of OOXML 
|       (ECMA 376, potential ISO 29500) for the the fast track, and that was 
|       the reason why Portugal did not submit any opinion nor had any right to 
|       vote. We expect that now, with the pressure made and the CT created 
|       there would be right to vote.     
|       The CT was created by the Computing Institute, in which is delegated 
|       the responsability for the norms of the IT sector; a delegation granted 
|       by the Portuguese Institute of Quality (IPQ), the point of contact of 
|       ISO in Portugal. Its creation is motivated mainly by the pressures and 
|       availability of some people when the proposal for fast tracking of 
|       OOXML and a neccessity to avail now the OOXML as standard ISO and as a 
|       Portuguese National Standard      
|       In the meeting they were present:
|     * 2 persons from II (Instituto de Informatica [Computing Institute])
|     * 1 person from the local government (Alentejo region)
|     * 1 person from Jurinfor [Jurinfor is a Microsoft partner]
|     * 2 persons from Microsoft
|     * 1 person from Primavera [Primavera is a Microsoft partner]
|     * 1 person from ISCTE
|     * 2 persons from Assoft [reportedly, most members of ASSOFT are Microsoft 
|     partners] 
|     * 1 person from the Inst. Informatica da Seg Social [Computing Institute 
|     of the Social Welfare Department] 
|     * 1 person from the Inst. Tecn. Informacao da Justiça (eu) [Technical 
|     Institute Information of Justice (eu)] 
| The meeting dealt basically with the bureaucracy details of the creation of 
| the CT. It didn't go into details of OOXML; that discussion will be held in 
| the next meeting, on July 16th about 14:30 in the II [Instituto de 
| Informatica, I assume]   
| The CT, thus, was composed of 8 vocal elements, one representative for each 
| of the organizations present. The II [Instituto de Informatica] is arranging 
| and hosting the initiative and is a not-named representative.  
| The 8 vocals will readily follow to the election of the president of the CT. 
| There was 1 candidate in the place (Miguel Sales Dias, from Microsoft). I did 
| not present my candidature but made myself available in case the rest of 
| representatives deemed it neccesary -- informed not adequate since to begin 
| with, as a member of the OpenDocument Alliance, I had a conflict of interest.    
| The vote results were 7 votes in favor of Miguel Sales Dias, of Microsoft, 
| who was designated to preside over the CT, and a (1) blank vote. 
| It was decided to adopt consensus as the form of adoption of any proposed 
| norm, following to majority vote in case there is no consensus in the CT and 
| if there is a strong opposition to submit any norm.   

How the Game is Played: INCITS V1 Narrowly Votes Down OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| As significantly, Rob reports that a very dramatic increase in the membership 
| of V1 was observed in the months leading up to the vote – most of whom were 
| coincidentally were representatives of Microsoft business partners, and the 
| great majority of whom voted as a block in favor of advancing the 
| specification in a manner that would permit, and against any vote that would 
| prevent, final approval as an ISO/IEC standard.      


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