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Re: Microsoft Antitrust Settlement Is a Success!

On Sep 1, 2:20 pm, dapunka <dapu...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 1 Sep, 16:31, "ness...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
> <ness...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > <Quote>

Another response to a humerous posting.

> > The IT nation's long national nightmare is over. The Department of
> > Justice, under the wise reign of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales,
> > has declared that the Microsoft monopoly has been broken by the
> > antitrust settlement. Let the rejoicing begin!

Court intervention did help make the market marginally more
But it was the European Union Court, not the United States court, that
seems to have made the biggest impact.  And with all of their efforts,
Microsoft Windows is now installed in only 94% of the PCs made by
the largest manufacturers.  Apple's share has increased to a whopping

In spite of Micrsoft's best efforts to block the OEM channel, high
broadband Internet, DSL, and WiFi hot spots at Panera Bread and other
restaurants and coffee shops have made it possible to download
like FireFox, OpenOffice, VMWare Player, VMWare Converter, and Linux,
for the price of a few cups of coffee.

As a result, these applications have been installed into hundreds of
millions of machines.
Some estimates indicate Firefox has grown to 20% of the market

This one shows FireFox at 34%

Linux/Other is up to about 6%
Mac is up to 4%
Vista is up to 3.6%

The "Windows Family" is still at around 90%.
Of course, this survey measured IP addresses, including
NAT firewall addresses shared by several Linux machines
as well as DHCP public IP addresses that change
each time the subscriber reconnects.

> > [All the dramatic ways in which the Microsoft now has to face real
> > competition, unlike before...]

We've seen Microsoft getting rally ballistic against Linux.
Microsoft is much more worried than any of the WinTrolls on this

> > Despite all this clear evidence that Microsoft is barely surviving
> > against the evils of Steve Jobs and open-source software, seven state
> > attorneys are still claiming that key provisions of the final
> > antitrust judgment have had little impact on competition with
> > Microsoft.
> > What are they thinking! Why just this month, Steve Ballmer,
> > Microsoft's big honcho, said that, "The install base of Windows
> > computers this coming 12 months will reach 1 billion." ...

Did he mention how many of those Windows machines would be VMs?
Did he mention how many would be SmartPhones?
Still, Steve would probably know Microsoft's numbers better than
With XP and Vista machines phoneing home from all over the world,
it's pretty easy to know exactly how many little boxes you have out

> >http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,2178222,00.asp

> I've noticed a few humorous takes on this.  The humour of
> desperation.  Reality is ridiculous.

It is already a matter of public record that Microsoft, and the Gates
have already made some substantial donations to "Charities" set up by
Tom DeLay, Carl Rove, Jack Abramhov and others as part of a "Shell
To keep bribes - I mean campaign contributions - out of public view.

The good news is that even with Microsoft's most aggressive efforts,
Linux has been spreading covertly as a result of efforts by the End

The handling of the Microsoft case since the Bush administration got
control of it,
has been an abomination in Justice.  It's like the rapist was not only
a presidential pardon, but the victim has now been charged with
and will need to report to prison where the rapist will be assigned as
a guard.

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