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Re: Microsoft Antitrust Settlement Is a Success!

____/ dapunka on Saturday 01 September 2007 19:20 : \____

> On 1 Sep, 16:31, "ness...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
> <ness...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> <Quote>
>> The IT nation's long national nightmare is over. The Department of
>> Justice, under the wise reign of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales,
>> has declared that the Microsoft monopoly has been broken by the
>> antitrust settlement. Let the rejoicing begin!
>> [All the dramatic ways in which the Microsoft now has to face real
>> competition, unlike before...]
>> Despite all this clear evidence that Microsoft is barely surviving
>> against the evils of Steve Jobs and open-source software, seven state
>> attorneys are still claiming that key provisions of the final
>> antitrust judgment have had little impact on competition with
>> Microsoft.
>> What are they thinking! Why just this month, Steve Ballmer,
>> Microsoft's big honcho, said that, "The install base of Windows
>> computers this coming 12 months will reach 1 billion." ...
>> Those state attorneys should be ashamed of doubting our mighty
>> Microsoft corporate overlords. They should look at the good work
>> Microsoft is doing in other countries. Why, in Sweden, for example,
>> Microsoft is contributing money to poor companies. In return all
>> Microsoft asked is that they vote for Microsoft's Open XML format.
>> Does that sound like something a power-mad, money-grubbing company
>> with the morality of a great white shark in a feeding frenzy would do?
>> Of course not!
>> Here, have some of this Kool-Aid I've been drinking. Some nice people
>> from Redmond, Wash., sent it to me. It's so tasty! Go ahead, take a
>> swig. You'll love it.
>> </Quote>
>> http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,2178222,00.asp
> I've noticed a few humorous takes on this.  The humour of
> desperation.  Reality is ridiculous.

Only by making people aware of the truth (the press is a malicious distraction
herebecause it is paid or owned or Microsoft subsidiaries, even the Gates
Foundation) can you get people to realise what is going on. They will demand
change. This isn't just oligarchy, but it's also a pyramid scheme. 


                ~~ Best of wishes

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