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Re: My resolve to treat Microsoft like any another license submitter is being sorely tested.

____/ dapunka on Saturday 01 September 2007 19:18 : \____

> On 1 Sep, 17:29, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> ____/ ness...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Saturday 01 September 2007 16:38 :
>> \____
>> > [ISO process is not perfect, but has served the community well. Has
>> > never been manipulated like this before...]
>> Andy says that in 20 years in this area, he has never seen anything like
>> this, let alone orchestrated by a single company.
>> Company? More like a giant nation with deep pockets and endless proxies.
>> Join the cartel.
> What Microsoft are doing is so blatant and crooked, I don't understand
> why they haven't been disqualified.  Maybe criminal courts should
> legalize jury-fixing.  If you got enough money to swing the vote, you
> win.  Yeah, that's fair and decent.

They are too big for a court. They laugh at the court. When the EC got them
scrutinised, Microsoft sent US politicians over, used its EU lobbyists and
started a character assassination (smear) campaign against Neelie Kroes. It's
really scary to see such corporate power, but George Orwell apparently
predicted all of this.

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