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Re: [News] Microsoft/Novell's Risk with Moonlight Gargbage

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____/ Jerry McBride on Saturday 31 May 2008 00:47 : \____

> Homer wrote:
>> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>>> Mono, The Road To Hell: Final Proof
>> Good timing.
>> For the benefit of the naysayers ... I hate to say I told you so, but
>> this is vindication of what I've been saying since day one.
>> From Groklaw:
>> [quote]
>> Is this a covenant not to sue us if we receive Moonlight from Novell and
>> Novell only (Novell and subs)?
>> A: It only covers 'direct' recipients from Novell, not 'indirect', which
>> would likely exclude those who receive it directly from anyone other
>> than Novell unless that third party is an 'authorized reseller'.
>> [/quote]
>> http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20080528133529454
>> Yes, finally this really is proof that Moonlight (and by implication
>> Mono) is totally non-Free software.
>> I wonder what de Icaza has to say for himself now?
> He'll say only positive things... he is after all a Microsoft shill...

I wouldn't go that far. He's simply being /used/ by Microsoft. He's just acting
native, IMHO, because he is paid well (by Novell, which calls itself
a "partner' of Microsoft, even in public).

As a side note, about Mono, it's a fight that's crucial. And regarding 'rant
mode', that's just something that's sort of reserved for this topic because of
its nature. Mono is not a friend. It's a Trojan horse.

Back in the early days I was just advocating FOSS, FOSS, FOSS. Microsoft
bashing wasn't helpful. Microsoft's manipulation, however, became intriguing
the more I explored it. It turned out (to me at least) that we were maybe
addressing the wrong problems. I've swapped references with GL for a few years
and saw it all the time.

Linux does have its flaws (every software has some), but it's never allowed to
outgrow certain pains because there's this 'totalitarian regime' suppressing
it at every level. Got a big contract in Nigeria? Bribe officials. OLPC
gaining traction? Do the "Slog". Documents finally standardised? Replace
ISO(TM). Linux laptops become fashionable? Dump, dump, dump. Bring back XP
from the 2001 drawer if necessary. :-)

Microsoft is the same vicious monopolist that it has always been. It could swap
SCO-type allegations with .NET. It could even use trolls to do the
{dirty job}(C). It has 'spinoffs'.

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