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Re: Schestowitz Caught Manipulating Subject Lines on DIGG.COM

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____/ Roy Schestowitz on Wednesday 28 May 2008 08:02 : \____

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> ____/ AqD on Wednesday 28 May 2008 05:55 : \____
>> On May 28, 11:07 am, "Moshe, Goldfarb." <brickn.str...@xxxxxxxxx>
>> wrote:
>>> Once again Schestowitz gets caught shilling.
>>> http://digg.com/linux_unix/Can_System_Builders_Turn_to_GNU_Linux_2
> This was changed because of the ubuntu haters in Digg, and you know it. If I
> left it as is, I would be attacked by the likes of ooboontu who are there
> just to take the piss out of Ubuntu.
>> LOL funny site :)
> What /else/ are the Microsoft Munchkins saying that's never visible, I
> wonder...? Probably more slander.

I've just taken a look at the Digg URL (I typically do this a day after
submitting). In response to what's said there in the page (at least 3 COLA's
trolls lurk in Digg):


I have never had more than one account (just 'schestowitz', since 2006). Any
other claim is libel.

The dupe was caused by a Digg glitch that returned an error, make me hit "back"
and then click the button again (in the dupe warning stage).

Why did I modify the title? Because of Ubuntu haters in Digg. They give me flak
for no reason.

Just so that you know, COLA's trolls go around Digg spreading libel against me
too. They try to poison the minds of Digg regulars and get me in trouble. The
COLA trolls still systematically digg down/bury my contributions.

If they are not paid to do all that stalking, then they desperately need a

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