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Ubuntu needs LSB 3.x compatibility

On May 28, 3:16 am, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Switching to Linux which distro to use, Ubuntu?

The big problem with all of the Debian based distributions is the lack
of LSB 3.0 compatibility.   Many software vendors have adopted the
LSB-3.0 standard as a reliable way to distribute software packages.
Some of the REQUIRED elements include Red Hat Package Manager (RPM),
standard support for gnome AND qt, and support for Motif API
compatible libraries.

When you are looking at high-end 3rd party commercial software, such
as Lotus Notes 8, DB2, Oracle, Rational tools, and other desktop and
server applications, you need a stable environment and a predictable
target framework configuration.

This doesn't mean that you have to exclude Debian features, or that
you have to give up the GNOME desktop, but you need to have the
standard framework required by these high end applications, which
often means accepting "non-GNU" components as part of the

I really love the look and feel of KDE, but if I want to install
commercial applications, it's a real challenge to do that on the
Ubuntu desktop.

It is possible to bring Ubuntu up to LSB 3.0 compatibility, but the
end-users shouldn't have to do that by themselves.

For this reason, I prefer a commercially supported standards based
Linux such as SUSE SLED or Red Hat's RHED for the desktop, and SLES or
RHES for servers.

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