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[News] Ubuntu Not Necessarily the Best of GNU/Linux

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Switching to Linux which distro to use, Ubuntu?

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall Mandriva is my favorite distro from these tests. I do have Ubuntu 
| installed on my main computer but if I were to do a fresh install I would 
| surely change. At least that is my personal opinion with the current releases 
| tested so far.   


Here is another typical article where it's blindly assumed that everything but
Ubuntu isn't GNU/Linux:

Workshop: Learn to use the easiest Linux version

,----[ Quote ]
| It is popular with technical people because it is easy to tailor to your 
| needs. There are lots of versions of Linux, some easier to use than others. 
| Ubuntu is generally considered to be one of the easiest to learn, so it’s a 
| good starting place. Here we demonstrate how to safely install Ubuntu into  
| Virtualbox, a program that creates a virtual PC within Windows.   


Why is it assumed that others are not "of the easiest to learn"? They all share
similar components.


Ubuntu's Hype is Misleading (Real Test)

,----[ Quote ]
| So the overall review of Ubuntu was the worst from new user point of view and 
| PCLOS wins here. My users say that in their opinion, Ubuntu is overhyped and 
| that it's not for the normal user. It is for those users who know Linux very 
| well and have high end systems with at least 1 gig ram.   


Divining from the Entrails of Ubuntu's Gutsy Gibbon

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the 2007 DesktopLinux.com survey, Ubuntu is the distribution of 
| choice for 30% of GNU/Linux users. The exact figure is questionable, but 
| Ubuntu's dominance is not. For an increasing number of people, Ubuntu is 
| GNU/Linux. Yet, looking at the pre-releases of Gutsy Gibbon, Ubuntu 7.10, I 
| found myself becoming disturbed by the degree to which this popularity has 
| translated into uncritical acceptance.     


Educating GNU/Linux users

,----[ Quote ]
| More – if you know more than somebody, as Ubuntu’s developers obviously do, 
| you have an obligation to give them the opportunity. To do otherwise is to 
| dismiss the average person as willfully ignorant. Possibly, I’m naive, but 
| I’m not quite ready to regard others that way.   
| Anyway, which came first: operating systems like Windows that prevent people 
| from learning about their computers, or users who were fixated on 
| accomplishing specific tasks. If computer users are task-oriented, at least 
| some of the time, the reason could be that they’re conditioned to be so. 
| Perhaps they’ve learned from Windows that prying into the inner workings of 
| their computer is awkward and difficult. We don’t really know how many users 
| will want to learn more, given the opportunity.       


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