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[News] New Zealand Awards for Free Software, Haiku Awards Funding for Projects

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New Zealand Open Source Awards 2008 open for nominations

,----[ Quote
| New Zealand Open Source Awards 2008 open for nominations The 2008 New Zealand 
| Open Source Awards are open for nominations until 18 July 2008. This year's 
| Awards will focus particularly on achievements over the last twelve months 
| and follow the successful inaugural event in 2007.   


Haiku Code Drive 2008

,----[ Quote
| The Haiku Code Drive is a program designed to raise funds from the community 
| in order to sponsor students to produce code for Haiku. The Haiku Code Drive 
| 2008 program specifically targets student candidates that applied for Haiku 
| but could not make it into the Google Summer of Code. We will be offering 
| them a U$2,500 stipend per successfully completed project.    



Smell the Roses Already: 4 OSs that Should Be Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| More often than not, the question arises on OSNews why certain projects or
| pieces of abandonware aren't released as open source software. Supposedly,
| this would speed up development, facilitate the growth of a community, all
| that jazz associated with open source development.



Announcing Freedom Summer of Code

,----[ Quote ]
| What is the Freedom Summer of Code?
| Modeled after the successful Google Summer of Code, the Freedom Summer of
| Code adds a radical social justice twist. We will be working with select tech
| activist organizations to generate interesting ideas as well as help people
| develop several projects over the next three months.
| The Freedom Summer of Code aims to advance critical movement technology
| projects and tools that benefit a wide-variety of radical social justice
| organizations and movements; inspire developers to become more interested in
| directly participating in social-justice tech organizations; contributes
| back, for the benefit of all, to the free software world which sustains us
| while simultaneously honoring individual’s labor; increases the social
| ownership and democratic control over information, ideas, technology, and the
| means of communication; empowers organizations and individuals to use
| technology in struggles for liberation. We are developing software that is
| geared specifically to the needs of network organizing and democratic
| collaboration, providing new services that greatly enhance your security and
| privacy.


GNU and FSF News for May 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| There has been continued discussion of the GNU Hurd GSoC projects this month.
| One of the subjects covered is the issue of copyright assignments by the
| contributors. Sergiu Ivanov announced the availability of an extension module
| that allows retrieving the uptime of the system and the load averages from
| Python scripts
| How you can help: The number of developers working on the Hurd and GNU Mach
| continues to be small and they could use your help. Check in on the #hurd IRC
| channel or the bug-hurd mailing list. There should be no trouble finding
| interesting things to work on.


Google Summer of Code 2008 Takes 1,125 Developers

,----[ Quote
| or Google Summer of Code (SoC) 2008, Google is paying for 1,125 student
| developers, which is an increase from the 900 students the program took in
| 2007. Those students will work with 175 Free and Open Source Projects as
| mentors to  help improve and expand their development.  

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