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[News] US Government Lags Behind in Free Software Adoption

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Trash Talk

,----[ Quote ]
| Is there something about Estonia that makes them special? According to the 
| Open Source Index, they have the highest Community Activity rank of all the 
| countries measured. Now, the US is not far behind in that metric, but I think 
| we should look a little deeper. Perhaps Estonia scored so high because they 
| have an ethos of community activity that naturally carries over to software. 
| And perhaps the US scored so high because within the open source community we 
| get it. But we remain a small minority within an enormous landfill of 
| proprietary software development. When enlightened, American software 
| programmers can be as good as the Estonians at community activity. The 
| trouble is, there just aren't enough of us. Yet.         


Where does Obama stand on open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| Love him or hate him, Barack Obama will be President into 2013.
| This is a key moment for open source. In some ways it is going from strength 
| to strength. But it remains vulnerable to counter-attack from the copyright 
| industries.  
| So far the President’s record on open source is mixed.



Does experience at Microsoft make for a good politician?

,----[ Quote ]
| State Rep. Ross Hunter, a former Microsoft general manager, announced today
| that he's running for King County Executive, competing against four other
| candidates for the position. He's one of many former Microsofties now in the
| political arena -- and he's pointing to his experience at the Redmond company
| as a major selling point

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