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Re: [News] Linux gains lightweight media-oriented graphics stack

Terry Porter <linux-2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> High Plains Thumper wrote:
>> [quote]
>> Apr. 28, 2008
>> An open source multimedia graphics framework for embedded
>> applications has emerged, along with a Linux-based media center
>> middleware stack. The "Disko" framework and "MorphineTV" stack
>> can be used to build graphical user interfaces for digital video
>> broadcast receivers and IPTV set-top boxes, according to project
>> leaders.
>> (Click for larger view of Disko and MorphineTV running on TI
>> DaVinci based development hardware)
>> Both MorphineTV and Disko appear to have grown out of the
>> DirectFB project, which maintains the widely used minimalist
>> graphics layer of the same name. Commonplace in Linux devices
>> such as mobile phones, DirectFB provides a much smaller
>> alternative to the X Window system, while still supporting
>> graphics acceleration, translucent windows, layered displays, and
>> input device abstraction.
>> [/quote]
>> http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS4461378279.html
> About 7 years ago I was approached by a local community station who were
> playing tv shows via a VHS tape recorder, directly into their tv
> transmitter on top of a remote hill.
> When the tape finished, that was it, someone had to drive from their base in
> town to replace the tape, a 16Km trip.
> They wanted to know if I could improve the process and I said I could and
> would do the following:
> 1) set up a WiFi test link from their studio in town to the tv transmitter
> to see if it was feasible.
> 2) build a Linux box that would play mpegs etc, directly into the TV
> composite vide input, but they would have to supply a PC.
> 1) was completed, and I demoed that wifi worked fine from the roof of their
> building to the tv transmitter, a length of about 3.5Km line of sight.
> 2) They supplied a 200Mhz P3 PC with not much ram!
> Obviously this could not handle X and play video etc, so I found a vga video
> card with composite video out, and set up Mplayer to play thru the
> composite video out using the framebuffer driver. The result was excellent,
> and perfect for their needs.
> This was in 2002, and the fb driver worked a treat then :)

The framebuffer approach is very lightweight, great for using on
stand-alone machines, particularly if one needs to get the video out
onto something else via a direct video connection.

I recall that there is a framebuffer X-server?

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