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Re: [News] Linux gains lightweight media-oriented graphics stack

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> High Plains Thumper on Monday:
>> [quote ...] Both MorphineTV and Disko appear to have grown
>> out of the DirectFB project, which maintains the widely used
>> minimalist graphics layer of the same name. Commonplace in
>> Linux devices such as mobile phones, DirectFB provides a
>> much smaller alternative to the X Window system, while still
>> supporting graphics acceleration, translucent windows,
>> layered displays, and input device abstraction. [/quote]
>> http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS4461378279.html
> This is one of the best Linux Web sites. It shows how colossal
> Linux has become in devices. The Microsoft crowd would never
> comment on that, let alone allow a debate to be steered in
> this direction.

It has.  I look forward to further netbook developments using
non-PC standard processors, which are very cost effective and
very performance effective.

Herein is described suitable graphics acceleration for mobile
chipsets, which should expand both cellphone and netbook
capabilities for streaming video.

Of course, our trolls herein will attempt to find a way to FUD
these Linux accomplishments, which will show how incredibly
stupid they look.

"True Linux Advocate" Hadron has already provided a moronic
reply, however, I will spare the advocates of seeing him through
their kill filters.


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