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Re: [News] PC-BSD 7.1 Looks and Works Better Than Windows Vista?

On Fri, 15 May 2009 19:26:26 +1000, Terry Porter wrote:

> Tony(UK) wrote:
>> On Fri, 15 May 2009 16:33:13 +1000, Terry Porter wrote:
> <snip>
>>> PC-BSD and FreeBSD, plus all the BSD's are rock solid!
>>> The FreeBSD package manager and the NetBSD  package manager are both
>>> outstanding.
>>> Pc-BSD is a total no brainer to install, Windows users love it, and
>>> underneath it's just freeBSD anyway, and one can install any packages
>>> they like via the FreeBSD package manager. The native Pc-BSD package
>>> manager is just there for ex Windows users ;-)
>>> The BSDs are all very similar to Linux to use and admin, and it can be
>>> hard at first glance to tell them apart.
>> Hmm, this is very confusing, as the PBI one-click idea (a-la Linux Mint
>> and others) is a good idea for newcomers to the system,
> It certainly seems to be.
> I had a son stay at my house a couple of years ago, for about 2 months.
> At the time, another son was staying and he had the spare Linux box in
> his room.
> In a mad rush to put together a PC, the only OS I had around that would
> boot on a odd HP machine, was PC-BSD.
> I installed it, and couldn't believe how easy it was. The son who is a
> Windows user used it for 2 months without any training from me.
> I heard he had installed a MSN IM program of some sort and asked him is
> he had any trouble, only to get the following reply "no dad, its just
> like Windows to install programs"!
> As a result of that strange comment I found out that PC-BSD has it's own
> packager manager, quite separate from the the FreeBSD package manager,
> and app install is just like Windows!
> At the same time, it's FreeBSD underneath, and one can use either
> package manager.
>> but the choice of
>> software in the PBIs is poor.
> As I said it's just like Windows ;-)
>> The current PC-BSD 7.1 running KDE 4.2 desktop did seem like a good
>> candidate and interested me. Unfortunately, it didn't work out this
>> way, as it just wasn't reliable enough for it to be usable.
> Perhaps it was a KDE 4.2 thing ?
>> This hasn't put me off BSD - but it has put me off some of the BSD
>> community who make absurd assumptions without any knowledge whatsoever
>> of me or my 'hardware problems', which run Linux without any problem
>> whatsoever :-)
> I'm BSD friendly, but my BSD admin is poor as I use Linux 99.9999 % of
> the time. The other 0.0001 is BSD.
>> Instead of the insults and put-downs, maybe a member of the BSD
>> community would like to comment on what went wrong as I just followed
>> the GUI and PBI installs before the freezing and hard lock-ups began -
>> a pretty vanilla and typical case, I reckon.
> You'd probably need a BSD group for that Tony, here in COLA anything non
> Windows is always attacked by the trolls, who are probably attacking
> anything non Linux in the Windows groups, and anything non Windows/Linux
> in the BSD groups.
I don't know whether it was a KDE 4 thing - I replaced PC-BSD with 
Kubuntu straight after it, and I must admit, it runs fine. I've never 
been a fan of KDE 4 until yesterday, but I am changing my views. The 
latest KDE 4 is very useful, stable and attractive to the eye.

I find people have no trouble installing anything in Linux either Terry.

I'm not that bothered about BSD, as I am very happy with Linux, although 
some times, curiosity gets the better of me. Onwards and Upwards!

All the best,


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