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[News] MAFIAA Could be Charged Under Antitrust Law; MAFIAA Wants Bailout?

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RealNetworks Ups The Ante; Wants To Add Antitrust Charges Against The MPAA

,----[ Quote ]
| With the lawsuit between the movie studios and RealNetworks off to an 
| inauspicious start, it looks like RealNetworks decided to pull out the 
| nuclear option  


Bailing Out The RIAA?

,----[ Quote ]
| That said, Peter Kafka, over at AllThingsD, has made the best point: most 
| people don't care about this bill because they don't realize that it's really 
| a bill to bail out the RIAA by creating a radio station tax that goes 
| straight into the recording industry's bank accounts. So, rather than call it 
| the Performance Rights Act, it should more accurately be called the Britney 
| Bailout Bill.     



Taxing ISPs To Fund Newspapers?

,----[ Quote ]
| In trying to explain why a music tax is a bad idea, I pointed out that if you
| start with music, you quickly have to start adding pretty much every industry
| disrupted by the internet. The obvious one is movies, but what about
| newspapers? They're struggling due to the internet, so why can't they demand
| an ISP tax to support newspapers? The idea, of course, is that this was a
| ludicrous suggestion... but apparently some people have thought seriously
| about it.


RIAA Stops Suing Individuals: Are We Home Free?

,----[ Quote ]
| Instead of its usual strategy of pinning scofflaws and wringing them through
| the court system, the RIAA will shift the burden to ISPs. When it appears as
| though an ISP customer is downloading illegally, the RIAA will contact the
| ISP and it will now be the ISP's responsibility to slap wrists via e-mail. If
| the actions do not cease, more e-mails will come; until finally, the alleged
| criminal's Internet access is either watered down or shut off, or they see
| themselves in court.


Internet Filtering Appearing On Various Wishlists For Obama

,----[ Quote ]
| It's tough to get that worked up about the various "wishlists" being sent by
| different interest groups to President-elect Obama. After all, you'd expect
| the groups to basically push for their entire agenda, and there's no
| indication that an Obama administration will agree to any of these -- but
| it's still worth watching. For example, the MPAA's wishlist includes plenty
| of forced filtering and a "three strikes" policy that Europe recently
| rejected as taking away basic human rights (there's that MPAA spirit!).


Internet Censors Must Be Accountable For The Things They Break

,----[ Quote ]
| Censorship technologies are purveyed as a way to protect us from the evils of
| child abuse. But they're costly systems that are unlikely to actually protect
| anyone or prevent any child abuse — they're more likely to interfere with the
| way the Internet works and hamper innovation by online communities.


Labor plan to censor internet in shreds

,----[ Quote ]
| The Government's plan to censor the internet is in tatters, with Australia's
| largest ISP saying it will not take part in live trials of the system and the
| second largest committing only to a scaled-back trial.
| And the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has written to critics
| saying that the so-called "live" trials would be "a closed network test and
| will not involve actual customers". Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said this was
| a sign the Government was slowly backing away from the heavily criticised
| policy.

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