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[News] Newsletters Galore for GNU/Linux (Microsoft Shuts Down Own Magazines)

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Softpedia Linux Weekly, Issue 44

,----[ Quote ]
| Summary:
| · Editorial: Ubuntu Muslim Edition Is Now Known as Sabily
| · First Look: Linux Mint 7 RC1
| Distributions announced last week:
| · Linux Mint 7 Release Candidate Is Here
| · Parted Magic 4.1 Brings GParted 0.4.5
| Other News: Transmission for Linux reaches 1.6.0 and KDE 4.2.3 is now 
| available 
| Tutorial of the Week: Installing Ubuntu 9.04
| Tutorial of the Week: How to Install OpenOffice.org 3.1 on Ubuntu 9.04
| Video Clip of the Week: Linux Mint 7 Appearance
| New Distributions: Chaox and Lin-X
| Distributions Updated Last Week: KDE 4 Live CD 1.2.3, Bauer-Puntu Linux 9.04, 
| R.I.P. 8.5 and more... 
| Development Releases: Caixa Magica 14 RC1, Kongoni 1.12.2 Alpha and more...


DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 302, 11 May 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| With mobile computing being the next operating system battleground, it's 
| hardly surprising that many industry players are focusing on these 
| increasingly popular devices. One of the most promising among them, Moblin, 
| has been through some major changes recently, both in terms of ownership and 
| development goals. Read our feature story for the roundup of its recent past 
| and probable future to learn more about the project. In the news section, 
| Debian ditches the GNU C Library in favour of the more flexible Embedded 
| GLIBC, Fedora finalises all features for the upcoming Leonidas release which 
| includes delta support for RPMs, Slackware switches to packages compressed  
| with LZMA compression mechanism, and the Ubuntu community looks to create yet 
| another derivative based on the LXDE. Finally, don't miss our tips and trick 
| section which provides a step-by-step guide of upgrading a stable Mandriva 
| Linux 2009.1 to the latest Cooker, Mandriva's bleeding-edge development 
| branch.            


Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 141

,----[ Quote ]
| Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 141 for the weeks May 3rd - 
| May 9th, 2009. In this issue we cover: Monthly BugSquad Meeting: May 12th, 
| Jaunty Jackalope Release parties, What's a build score, then?, byobu 2.0 
| released, In The Press and Blogosphere, Ubuntu Podcast #27, Meeting Summaries 
| of Technical Board and Ubuntu Server Teams, and much, much more!    


Days ago:

Microsoft layoff details emerge

,----[ Quote ]
| More details are emerging today about the Microsoft groups affected, and
| spared, in the company's latest round of job cuts. The company isn't going
| into detail, but blogs and forums are providing plenty of evidence. Layoffs
| are reported to have taken place in groups including MSN Direct, the Massive
| in-game advertising unit, and MSDN Magazine, among others.


Microsoft crimps products after second wave of job cuts

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is reining in several of its products following the company's
| second round of lay-offs that kicked off on Tuesday.
| [...]
| Similarly, MSN Direct - which provides weather, traffic and other services to
| devices such as in-car map systems - is also under review.

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