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[News] [Rival] Vista 7 Margins Falls to Zero as Microsoft Profits Fall Over 30%

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The Windows 7 'give away'

,----[ Quote ]
| So Vista users should go out of their way to thank Linux users for getting 
| free, early access to Windows 7. Does anyone think for one moment that 
| Microsoft would have ever made this offer if it hadn't for the community 
| Linux desktop distributions? I can't imagine it.   
| Of course, there's nothing 'free' about Microsoft's Windows 7 RC offer. If 
| you own a Vista PC, you already paid for the operating system once. If you're 
| going to buy a new PC for Windows 7, chances are, again, you'll be paying 
| Microsoft for Vista anyway. You may have hated Vista. You may never use 
| Vista, but you almost always end up paying Microsoft $50 to $100 on any new 
| PC. Linux users know all about this Microsoft tax.      


Microsoft fires another shot at Linux netbooks by extending XP availability

,----[ Quote ]
| Though it will still add a bit to the cost of a system, the amount has been 
| pegged as low as $15. That's a negligible amount and one most consumers will 
| be willing to absorb to have access to an operating system that is far more 
| familiar to most than any Linux distribution.   
| The extension will give Microsoft an entire year to build public awareness of 
| Windows 7 and showcase Starter Edition - or scrap it and offer better pricing 
| on another more complete version. Either way, today's announcement could mean 
| a continued rough road ahead for mainstream Linux.   


Poor Microsoft. Linux has been driving it to giving its inferior wares away.


A Day to Remember: 23 April, 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| And there's another reason why yesterday was significant: Microsoft announced
| what are probably its worst quarter results ever:
| Microsoft Corp. today announced revenue of $13.65 billion for the third
| quarter ended March 31, 2009, a 6% decline from the same period of the prior
| year. Operating income, net income and diluted earnings per share for the
| quarter were $4.44 billion, $2.98 billion and $0.33 per share, which
| represented an increase of 3% and declines of 32% and 30%, respectively, when
| compared with the prior year period.
| Now, the global financial crisis certainly contributed to those figures, but
| I think there's a bigger underlying trend here, which is that the Microsoft
| money machine is faltering.


Microsoft slashes rates for temp workers, blaming bad economy

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft, citing the "realities of a deteriorating economy," will reduce by
| 10 percent the amount it pays employment agencies for many of its temporary
| workers -- and cut by 15 percent the target billing rate for future temporary
| work.


Microsoft reaffirms grim outlook for year

,----[ Quote ]
| Shares of Microsoft sank 58 cents, or 3.4 percent, to $16.63 in midday
| trading amid a broader market sell-off.

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