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[News] Good Review of Ballnux Desktop, More Preinstalls Noted

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Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 

,----[ Quote ]
| The answer to the question of whether you could eliminate Windows on your 
| desktop clients and replace them with SLED 11 is yes. There are very few 
| remaining issues that will prevent SLED working with an existing 
| Windows/Active Directory infrastructure. If your desktop systems are purely 
| used for standard administration and Microsoft Office tasks, SLED 11 will do 
| it, albeit at the potential cost of grumbling employees. For any worker with 
| specific non-Office application requirements it’s more difficult of course, 
| but SLED 11 is a good move along the road to complete interoperability.       


Novell: Twenty-four Google Summer of Code(TM) Student Projects to Create Code
for Go OpenOffice, Mono and openSUSE

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell today announced that three of its sponsored open source initiatives 
| are participating in the Google Summer of Code, hosting a total of 24 student 
| projects. The students with accepted projects will be mentored by Novell 
| employees and community contributors with the openSUSE and Mono projects, 
| which have participated in previous Google Summer of Code events, and Go 
| OpenOffice (go-oo.org).     


Shuttle X270V Nettop with SUSE Linux OS Launched

,----[ Quote ]
| Based on the Shuttle Barebone X27D, the main highlight is the 1.6 GHz Intel 
| dual-core Atom 330 processor that harmonizes with openSUSE Linux operating 
| system (version 11) in a small form factor.  



SLED 10 SP1: a great Linux desktop gets better

,----[ Quote ]
| There's room for argument over which Linux desktop is the best. When it 
| comes to integrating a Linux desktop into an already existing 
| Windows-based office, though, there's not even a discussion. SLED 
| 10 SP1 is by far the best Linux business desktop around.

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