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Re: Shouldn't a computer scientist know the difference between human languages and computer languages?

Tim Smith wrote:
In article <8v-dndCjwLhYyWfUnZ2dnUVZ_hydnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
 GreyCloud <cumulus@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Actually, I checked out the blog. And if one reads carefully, there is a comma in there that separates the two. In one instance the claim of Gnote supports 6 more languages, (gnote being a note type of program which means multiple locales) and that it no longer supports C# (mono in this instance). One could also replace the comma and use 'and'. After reading the many sites related to the topic, it appears that Tim is looking for any way possible to discredit the poster,
hoping that the rest would not catch on to the subtle implications.

Read it more carefully:

   "Gnote Supports 6 More Languages, Does Not Support C#"

Nothing about "no longer" supporting C#. It never supported C#, and never will--in the same way it doesn't support PHP, or Perl, or BASIC. The whole concept of it "supporting" a programming language is absurd, since it is not a programming tool.

I read it very carefully.  Take a class in English composition.
You are just ankle biting as usual and looking for any advantage you can to do the dastardly job of discrediting. You should be able to get a nice job in the Obama administration there somewhere.

"It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument."
William G. McAdoo.
American Government official (1863-1941).

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