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Re: Microsoft's Ten-Year Anti-Linux Propaganda Operation In COLA

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____/ chrisv on Tuesday 11 Oct 2011 18:59 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>Why was he called "message ID Larry"? I never got this but never asked..
> He claimed that his "proof" that Willy and I were "one and the same"
> was that we had "the exact same user ID".
> But he was actually looking at the message-ID of the thread's original
> post, which of course doesn't change.
> Below are some of the things he said, during his public humiliation.
> 'What a joke you and your "William Poaster" alias are. If you had any
> credibility you would not hide behind some phoney alias.'
> 'You can LIE all you want William "chrissy" Poaster.  But the message
> headers do not lie and they are plainly here for all to see.'
> 'Now go make up some more aliases and post with them. Perhaps they
> will be more believable than this pathetic one. - LOL!'
> You can understand why he'd want to switch nyms, after that debacle!

In recent years he became more subtle with him nymshifts, like omitting his
surname, "Quirk".

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