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XFCE Raves (Not Just GNOME and KDE)

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Testing, XFCE to the Rescue

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| What a  busy week it has been with testing, finding bugs, confirming and 
| submitting.  Generally I test Gnome and KDE isos, but this time went off the 
| wall as my frustrations grow with both Gnome and KDE and decided to test XFCE 
| 64 bit edition.  Last time I looked at XFCE was like version 4.0, so to my 
| surprise 4.8 will knock your socks off compared to that.
| So I have decided that with my Sabayon Forensic spins, I will go with xfce 
| instead. Iâve been up to my ears in the skel files learning the xfce ways, 
| adding and removing packages and been testing local isos via the wonderful 
| tool molecule.  My computer is feeling the pains tho, molecule will really 
| give those cpus a work out.  So drop the KDE and Gnome editions and just go 
| with XFCE to make this simpler and more universal for working with various 
| computers.  Gnome-shell is kinda of a nightmare right now on various hardware.  
| KDE has itâs issues too, but works better than gnome-shell.

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