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Re: Techbytes a CC violation

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____/ Ender2070 on Tuesday 11 Oct 2011 19:27 : \____

> The Techbytes Audiocast includes creative commons music and the audiocast
> itself is not licensed under the creative commons. How do they sleep at night?
> They attack other companies such as Apple for using BSD code and not giving
> back. However, Apple hasn't violated the BSD license by doing this.
> Techbytes however seems to get a free pass to break licenses. They've broken
> it by the fact that their audiocast is not licensed under the same or
> compatible CC license.
> The only other alternative is that Roy managed to get permission to use the
> music in a restricted form by the original artist of the music he includes.

The show is creative commons-licensed except where the tracks are not
creative commons (just freely obtainable), in which case licence compatibility
makes a sub-part non-creative commons (indicated clearly in YouTube).
Try harder to find smears. You're getting as bad as the anti-Linux trolls,
making stuff up.

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