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Re: WiFi Maps

David Chien wrote:

>> Your typical hacker or 'script kiddie' would probably not hang around the
>> OP's office or cluster anyway, so it's fairly safe. I think the worry in
>    LMAO.
>    er... see www.wifimaps.com -> type in your zip code, click Get List
> in the green area, then click on the [Map] link on any of the nodes in
> the list that comes up to see all of the WiFi nodes in your area.

Nice. I have no use for a WiFi connection. Perhaps this will finally push
system administrators towards changing the default settings on the system.
I can't believe that some army bases had their root password set to 'root'.

>    Next, wonder, who the heck has been driving around your entire
> neighboorhood and actually picking up all of the nodes in your area?!?

I think people submit data about connections that they are aware of (in this
PHP-Nuke site you should easily be able to submit news though I havent't
checked). It's a collaborative thing. Anybody could expose details about
the connection at his/her workplace.

>    Gee, perhaps those script kiddies you thought had nothing better to
> do than to hang around the office.....
>    =P
>    Anyways, the maps are great for jumping on any open node as well if
> you're out and about, and want to get online ASAP.

People have ended up getting fines recently. Slashdot had at least two items
I can think of recently.

>    Also, makes you realize how many people are 'clueless' wifi router
> owners who haven't even bothered to change the default configuration on
> their boxes.



Roy S. Schestowitz

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