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Re: Search/Replace in Calendar

__/ [michaelbee] on Monday 07 November 2005 09:18 \__

> Is there a way to do this operation on multiple entries, i.e., change
> all occurences of "x" with" y" across multiple dates?

Calendar data files in Palm adhere to an obscure and complex (if not cryp-
ic) proprietary format that no converter can 'understand'. Not GPilot, not
KPilot and not Palm-to-HTML convertors manage to (or bother to) handle it.
I  sometimes  wish that all data in Palm devices was  well-structured  XML
(while  taking account of speed penalties). Instead, it is something  like


which is a binary/ASCII mishmash. It makes portability terrible. I believe
that  Outlook and Palm Desktop are among the few (or only) exceptions, be-
ing  applications that can interpret your calendar data rather than keep a
copy of the binary.

One  possibility you have is to open the binary (either DatebookDB.pdb) or
what      you     will     find     in     a     Windows     O/S     under
.../your_profile/Datebook/unfiled.dat (or something similar). You can then
use  a text editor to perform search & replace, which will /hopefully/ af-
fect only the data that needs to be changed.

Alternatively, use Palm Desktop (Mac/Windows).

* Search for exact match e.g. "write 10-page report"

* Have all entries displayed in the results window

* Open all results

* Paste into all (using CTRL+V), e.g. "write 8-page" report

For  exactly that reason, you must always use recurrence when  appropriate
rather  than  duplicate. Duplication and multiple (similar) entries are  a
recipe for trouble in updates.

Hope it helps.

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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