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Re: anyone here good at flash?

__/ [Del] on Monday 21 November 2005 12:15 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:dlrpb8$25l4$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> __/ [Del] on Friday 18 November 2005 13:15 \__
>>> I know it's not a flash particular newsgroup but I love you all, so if
>>> anyone knows flash and why when viewed in a browser my animated font
>>> changes halfway through, please assist as it makes no sense to me.
>>> Fine viewed alone, messed up within browsers.
>>> eric.malcolm@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> aka Del
>> This  often happens if you produce bandwidth-effective Flash when you gen-
>> erate the SWF output. The fonts can become coarse with the aim of reducing
>> the  size  of the Flash clip. Can you try tweaking the output  options  in
>> Flash?  Can  you post an example URL? I am not too sure what artefact  you
>> describe, so I might be misled.
> http://www.epmdesigns.net/curtains.htm
> but it won't be alive for long, changing my server.
> The correct font is curly handwriting style then when it gets to the peak
> of the rise it changes to plain like arial. I didn't sacrifice any quality
> for size- 80Q jpeg, flash6.
> What's doing my head in is that I made the swf on my laptop, no problem at
> all in flash or browser. Transfered the swf and html to my desktop and
> that's were its having trouble.

Try another desktop? Or a different Flash player or browser plug-in? Is it
maybe the settings in Flash? You can choose playback quality by
right-clicking (right-handed mouse) over the clip.

> Fonts aren't kept as vector on output are they?

I think they ought to be, in the name of compression and scalability.

> Del

__/ [Del] on Monday 21 November 2005 12:30 \__

> Here's the link directly to the swf, see if it's okay out of html.
> http://www.epmdesigns.net/flash/epm_curtains.swf

It appears to work fine over here. No font changes; all very clean. Whether
you have corrected things in the interim, I do not know. Either way, I can't
spot any odd artefacts.


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