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Re: LyX for HTML & PDF Documentation

__/ [bringmewater@xxxxxxxxx] on Friday 16 September 2005 12:15 \__

>> __/ [bringmewater@xxxxxxxxx] added on Thursday 15 September 2005 20:25 \_
>>> ... there a way to do this task in EITHER windows or linux because
>>> we have users on both platforms and would like to author
>>> collaboratively.  Thanks !
>> Linux, Mac and even Windows are all well-catered for. Files can be
>> transferred from one platform to another without any conflicts. The
>> QT-based GUI is identical too.
>> Roy
> This is exciting news.  Can you tell me what app you would use in both
> windows and linux?

LyX, as mentioned before. I am not aware of a better application of the same
kind. Open Office does not impose structure so I definitely would /not/
recommend it for this particular task.

> Also, I am happy to put markup tags in but can you point me to any info
> that shows how to generate the TOC and Indexes?  Thanks again

In LyX, once once you have written your text, e.g. an API and/or explanatory
notes, go to "Insert" in the top menu -> "Lists & TOC". Plenty of stuff to
play with in there... TOC's are dynamically built based on the structure
you define as you compose the document. Indices are also generated based on
the data you supply.


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