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Re: [News] Mozilla: Firefox Surpasses 15% Market Share

__/ [ Oliver Wong ] on Thursday 03 August 2006 19:38 \__

> "Hadron Quark" <hadron@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:87zmel4umx.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxx
>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> You are forgetting that Firefox is the route to a migration to Mac
>>> OS/Linux.
>> So what? They dont have to follow that route. And forget firefox : they
>> dont have to promote it either. Let people choose. I can see no reason
>> for them to want their own browser and the challenges that provides.
>     There's this theory that Microsoft is using IE7 as a vendor-lock in.
> Basically, previous versions of IE did not correctly implement HTML and
> CSS. However, for whatever reasons, they managed to capture the majority of
> the market share (80% to 95%, depending on who you ask). Because of this,
> some web developers write their web sites in such a way that it "looks
> right" in IE, even if what they wrote isn't actual valid HTML or valid CSS.
> And thus, all the other browsers in the world (FireFox, Safari, Konqueror,
> lynx, etc.) will probably display those websites incorrectly, since they
> actually do adhere to the HTML and CSS standard.
>     So now you have these potential converts who want to give Linux or Mac
>     a
> try. They load up the browser (e.g. Konqueror), and decide to do some
> online banking. They go to their bank's website, only to see a message
> saying that the online banking feature works only with IE. Well, not being
> able to do online banking is simply unacceptable to these potential
> converts, so they go back to Windows XP, where everything "just works".


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