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Re: Linux predictions for 2007

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [ Brandon J. Van Every ] on Tuesday 26 December 2006 08:14 \__
>> 7 wrote:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> >>
>>> >> 8. Linux games becomes the only way to make next generation games
>>> >> work.
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > OpenGL-accelerated desktops come to mind (DirectX flip mode is moot).
>>> > This can also assist, augment and complement design, e.g. Autodesk
>>> > AutoCAD, Maya 3D... among other things of course...
>>> OpenGL patents are owned by micoshaft.
>> Such as?
> I wondered the same thing...
I forge the details, it went something like this....
The originators of Open GL, (Silicon Graphics?)
ran into trouble financially and they sold a whole
bunch of patents that Open GL uses to micoshaft for
money. Thus Open GL doesn't evolve as fast as it should
do because micoshaft has 'some say' in anything that
has to do with 'Open' GL at the expense of the
open source community.

>>> I'm thinking more of the arrival of open source libraries
>>> pooling enough features together to make rapid gaming
>>> advances that could only be put together in a Linux environment.
>>> The typical windopz developer model of buying up companies
>>> to get at the fragments of code is rapidly coming to an end
>>> because its too slow and not as dynamic as the Linux
>>> developer environment.
>> Well I'm interested in what a "rapid gaming advance" would be, but I
>> must say that over the past 3 years of looking in open source land, I
>> didn't find one.  Well, perhaps the PS3 will help.  That's pretty much
>> why I'm here.

Well this is about the future 2007 as opposed to the past.
Libraries and toolkits with  may emerge with drop in features
that allows mixing and mashing of code at a faster rate
than other methodolies allow.

> Yes, for the time being, the PS3 would probably be a good bet if you're e
> heavy gamer (and one who looks for the latest and greatest). The PS3 not
> only beats PC games in terms of looks/performance, but it also beats its
> counterparts in the consoles turf because the Cell is a workhorse. It's a
> PC in every sense and it comes with nice extras like a Bluray drive and a
> display as big as your TV.


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