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Re: [News] [Op-Ed] Microsoft Wants to Own Everything, Even GNU/Linux

begin  risky.vbs
	notinuse2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Peter Hayes) writes:
> Mark Kent <mark.kent@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Bill Gates is not a technical guy, though.  He's a rich kid whose
>> Dad was a successful corporate lawyer.  This has set the tone for
>> the whole of MS's existence.

It irks me when I read or hear about Gates, and MS, being great
technical innovators. MS, and hence Gates, have set back computing by
decades. People now accept what is the lowest common denominator.
System instability is the norm. Worms and viruses are the norm. The
majority of email is spam is the norm.  Needing to upgrade your PC
with each new Windows release is the norm.

How MS and Gates in particular has damaged the end users experience
and the poor fools who swallow the MS marketing spiel are just too
ignorant to know that it doesn't need to be like this.

> Plus, Gates is the guy who has all the lucky breaks.
> His mother was on the board of United Way along with the Chairman of
> IBM at the time IBM were looking for an OS for their first PC.
> Gary Kildall was out flying when IBM came calling so they went back
> to Gates.
> IBM screwed up their legal control of the PC architecture allowing
> Compaq to reverse engineer the BIOS. IBM also screwed up the
> licencing of their OS allowing Gates in by the back door.

There must be a parallel universe where the 'right' things happened.
We're just stuck in an unfortunate one. In another Gates probably
found a half eaten hotdog in the trash and enjoyed a delightful meal
washed down with a bottle of meths.

I've asked time and time again for people to prove that I primarily spout
FUD. - Funkenbusch (COLA's comedian), Sat, 2 Dec 2006

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