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Re: Palm Lifedrive (buy something else!!)

Hi Roy,

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
I know this text is not directed at myself, but to me, the issue is not
essential upgrades, but the inability to study and comprehend the client's
need. Slow interaction and startups are a killer. I find it hard enough
(pardon my language) going for a wee without the ability to write what's on
my mind in the interim. That's why a PDA is usually in my pocket, even at
the gym. The LD completely ignores it. It's big, it's sluggish.

Actually, the text was also directed to you, I mean it in a nice way, just that I know that you're clever enough to read posts and get what I mean ;-)

About the LD's size, I got to disagree again with you (that becomes a habit ;-) but I love it the way it is. I love the weight of it in my pocket or in my hand. It has such a solid feeling to it! of course, my previous PDA also had a metal case and was relatively big (NR70V), so I am used to it. I prefer this one to the lighter models. And I also always have it with me, usually in my pants back pocket (the sturdiness of it makes it no problem). I went to ski last week with it in my jacket. In summer, I use a pouch for all my stuff, and the LD fits right in.

My point here is *only* to underline that the market is not easy, and that there are many different tastes. The weight and size is not a decisive point for me when I buy a PDA, but I would rather go for a bigger, heavier model if it feels as solid as the LD.

Now my reaction was motivated by your bad preparation as a client, and
also by your bad reaction after the purchase. The LifeDrive has been out
long enough that all flaws you mention are known by users A. They have
been reported over and over, and they are all over the internet. You,
however, decided to buy one anyway. I guess you didn't inform yourself
prior hand, am I right? Or else you wouldn't have reacted so
aggressively. Now, when you buy a device costing more than XXX U$ (XXX
being a limit depending on your income, your personal preference,
etc...), it is really not reasonable to buy it without doing a little
prior reading (aka homework). It is even less reasonable to believe what
the vendor will tell you. These are basic facts governing the gadget
lover's life ;-)

Good point. To refute just a slight bit if I may: the Palm Web site will not say a word about speed. This still requires a live demonstration or rant-of-mouth (sic).

Palm's website is just an extension of the vendor (I believe the right word is actually salesman, sorry) mentioned above. The websites I meant are the independant one (1src, Palm 24/7, Gadgeteer, etc...). Sorry I didn't make this clear.

And then, after you noticed that your device has, indeed, the flaws that
you have been warned against (if you did your homework, that is), the
next reasonable step is to do more homeworks, and to read all over the
internet how to solve these flaws. You instead chose to post to a
newsgroup, probably to release your frustration (which had no reason to
be there in the first place, since you knew about the flaws before
buying (if you did your homework, that is).

By posting to this group, Kevin warmed others. perhaps a subject line like "LifeDrive is painfully slow" would have been less generalised and not lead to presumptions.

Kevin's *first* post was overly aggressive and clearly a reaction f frustration. At least I took it this way, thus my reaction. His follow ups were surprisingly moderate and nice, and this clearly helped calming the tone of this thread. I appreciate that a lot.

BTW, I doubt that many readers are "warmed" by Kevin's post ;-) (couldn't resist, sorry ;-)


This relates to another route down this thread. I love playing with gadgets,
but I used to do it far more when I was younger. I am now a dog that is
stubborn enough to refuse to learn new tricks.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, because it is what makes the job so interesting), when you're into technology, professionally or as a hobby, you have to learn new tricks daily. If you don't, then the logical consequence is to keep working with proven, older, and also (to me) less exciting technologies. It's really OK, but the buying the newest devices is probaby not the best idea.

<rest of reply to Kevin snipped>

Friendly greetings,
Laurent Bugnion, GalaSoft
Software engineering: http://www.galasoft-LB.ch
Private/Malaysia: http://mypage.bluewin.ch/lbugnion
Support children in Calcutta: http://www.calcutta-espoir.ch

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