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Re: Dell Sell "Linux Workstation"

__/ [ BearItAll ] on Friday 24 February 2006 10:20 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> This was already discussed, but the following appears like the first word
>> from the media.
>> When Is a Linux Workstation Really a Desktop?
>> By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
>> February 23, 2006
>> "Opinion: Dell may be splitting hairs by offering a Linux workstation that
>> looks a lot like a desktop. In the process, it may be giving desktop Linux
>> a boost."
> Call me a boy if you like, but I love using Dells web site to create super
> computers in the 'customise' bit, particularly in the server part.
> I wouldn't actually buy another Dell I just enjoy customising them online,
> too many painfull memories of trying to get them to replace a faulty pile
> of shite I paid for last year that I still would never trust as a Live
> server. Bit daft when you have a few thousand pounds worth of server that
> you can't trust so only use as a mirror, then have the Live systems on bog
> standard off-the-shelf Systemax's.
> Actually I'm just in the mood to go and configure another monolithic
> server.

I notice that you are posting from the UK. Have a look at:


I hear good thing about this distributer, which delivers laptops, desktops
and servers without an operating system. They are good lads who Do Know Evil
(sic). Behold the prices. 

Best wishes,


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