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Re: Google Computers - Hardware Coming to Town

__/ [catherine yronwode] on Thursday 05 January 2006 06:59 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [catherine yronwode] on Thursday 05 January 2006 00:51 \__
>> > Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> >
>> >> Google  could possibly pay customers and then borrow some
>> >> resources  (net-work bandwidth is important) from them.
>> >> Ultimately, customers would report back  to the datacentres. If
>> >> they sell machines worldwide, this could help establish
>> >> distributed, fragmented datacentres that perhaps act as proxies
>> >> too.
>> >
>> > Think of something like the SETI screensaver / data-cruncher program.
>> > Perfect!
>> >
>> > Marketing the idea: Google would give you a free mini-computer, or free
>> > software, or a free network enabled phone, or free tunes, or free
>> > airline miles, or something of "perceived value" if you let google use
>> > your machine while you were online but not "doing" anything. The more
>> > time you logged for google tasks (that is, online time you let them use
>> > your machine), the more free stuff you would get.
>> >
>> > What a splendid concept! They should test this on a small scale in
>> > Northern California. I would sign up immediately.
>> That concept is becoming popular, but not among commercial bodies which
>> must find ways to lure people to exposue of themselves. SETI just burns
>> energy in vain in my humble opinion.
> Well, that's an opinion. At east it was a pioneer in the distributed
> computing field.

Many innovative ideas tend to come from hippies and the hackers culture.

I hope you can spot the sarcasm here. *smile*

>> The World Community Grid is helping science
>> <  http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/ > and some other search
>> engines use this idea already < http://www.majestic12.co.uk/ >
> Thanks for the information on majestic12. Too bad you have to join to
> use the search capacity. It's rather like buyng a pig in a poke, letting
> them into your machine for the dubious benefit of searching their
> database. Have you tried it? Anyone you know? See... that's why i was
> hoping google would mount a beta version distributed search engine --
> 'cause i kinda-sorta trust them, due to their status as a publicly
> traded corporation.

I don't know anyone who participates, but back when I was looking at
feasibility of knowledge engines, I knew distributed computing would be
necessary. I am still in favour of one search engines that is managed using
people's resources and serves people's interests. It's dangerous to let
information be managed by a corporate body with an agenda.

By the way, regarding a knowledge engine, I never lost hopes, but I can't
afford the time because it's write-up period now and I don't want to put the
Ph.D. in jeopardy. The Gate system from Sheffield appears to incorporate
plenty of mechanism that can be re-used. All of these utilities are resource
hogs nonetheless.

Best regards,


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