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Re: Threading hyperlink (anchor) text

__/ [James Helliwell] on Friday 06 January 2006 10:27 \__

> As I can thread phrases to go for the phrases included with in a phrase.
> Can I do this with my link exchange text ie.
> Online Cheap Electric Guitar and Amp Shop - That is what im using at the
> moment. To cover me for a few phrases or should I be more specific.
> ie. Online Electric Guitar Shop - for some , Electric Guitar and Amp
> Shop - for some etc etc.
> What do you recon
> James

Anchor  text  can be treated similarly to page titles. Both are  accounted
for and aggregated in a similar way to infer relevance, or so I imagine.

When I choose page titles, I try to be as specific as is necessary but not
overly  specific (pertinent and narrow as opposed to broad). Text  choices
should be based on the competition, based on the 'league'. It doesn't mean
this  selection needs SERP investigation as it's often a matter of  common
sense, in my humble opinion.

For example, choose a title (or anchor text) like 'Happy New Year' and you
will  get  nada, zilch unless you are the BBC or About.com. Choose  "Crazy
New  Year's  Resolution" and you may cover the exact match for "Crazy  New
Year's  Resolution",  as well as "Crazy New Year" and "Crazy Year  Resolu-
tion".  You can over-dilute the title or anchor text as well. For example,
"Crazy  New  Year's Resolution" will beat "Crazy, Funky, Brand New  Year's
Resolution"  for  the  SERP  above,  assuming  all  other  conditions  are

Overall, I think the the answer should lie among various factors, e.g.:

* How popular your site is (PageRank)

* What the common SERP's are, including variations

* The target audience, common typos, barand names

* What words are unnecessary (rarely sought)

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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