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Re: Linux Makes Computing Boring

__/ [John A. Bailo] on Tuesday 10 January 2006 14:11 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> If  you talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk, John. You have got  to
>> actually  understand  Linux, get to grips with it, and have some  orienta-
>> tion. Some of your recent rants about Linux did not identify deficiencies,
>> but only proved that Linux is nothing but ideaology to you -- an ideaology
>> that you at times betray.
> You know, one of the maturation aspects of Linux will be that people
> such as yourself, Roy, will fall by the wayside of "linux support".
> The world doesn't need a lot of persnickety people who stalk newsgroups
> night and day, wanting to jump a guy who just wants to make a few
> observations and comments about Linux.
> You act as if Linux is the pretty girl down the street from you, who you
> will never date, and so you spend your whole time *protecting* her, as
> if she might say your name someday.  Yeah, right.

There  was  one aspect to these "observations" (double quote,  not  single
quote)  which seemed tactless. You doubted Linux in a prejudice manner. It
is  unsafe to criticise a product that you are still exploring. I have not
explored  Linux in depth, so I would abstain from choosing a subject  line
such as "missing from Linux". Rather than asking if there was a simple ed-
itor,  you seem to come from the same point-of-view which many people  are
plagued  by. Linux does not do x and y, Linux is not secure, Linux is  for
weirdos/blackhat  hackers  et cetera et cetera. It is not you who  suggest
that  (just  to clarify), but to many it seems to be the case. That's  why
they  are reluctant to try that Live CD you give them or fret when someone
installs Linux and an unfamiliar desktop environment shows up.

Freshmeat.net  and  sourceforge.net  have an enormous collection  of  free
software  and  quick search often reveals that anything exists,  including
high-quality and thoroughly-tested software.

I'm  sorry  if I expressed myself too strongly earlier. It was not my  in-
tent.  I am aware, nonetheless, that Wintrolls continue lurk and are will-
ing to crosspost and sabotage any discussion given an open door. You must-
n't  give  access to that door when uncertainty leads to deceiving  state-
ments. It is the state of minority that makes it difficult to overcome the
prevalence of FUD, which is often self-defensive.


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