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Re: Novell reports

__/ [ Larry Qualig ] on Sunday 05 March 2006 18:13 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ William Poaster ] on Saturday 04 March 2006 17:21 \__
>> > On Sat, 04 Mar 2006 13:58:23 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> >
>> > <snip>
>> >> I  will  remind  you that when Novell sacked many employees  a  couple 
>> >> of
>> >> months  ago, managers yelled that SuSE-affiliated staff was unaffected.
>> >>  I
>> >> believe  that  Novell keep an eye on their Windows-bound market, but 
>> >> rely
>> >> primarily  on  the  prospects of Novell Linux, SLES, SuSE,  and 
>> >> OpenSuSE, which accumulate thrust like an avalanche. Be careful skiing.
>> >> smile
>> >
>> > As a sort of footnote to that, Roy, it's reported from OpenSusE that in
>> > the first 6 months of SuSE 10.0 being released there were 750,000
>> > downloads (7,000 a day average). I would think that quite a few of the
>> > downloads, after being burnt to disks, would also be installed on more
>> > than one machine.. I have it on two machines ATM.  ;-)
>> I have SuSE on two machines, but none of them runs version 10 and I never
>> ever downloaded SuSE (or /any/ Linux distribution for that matter). It's a
>> case of CD burning by the vendor or re-use in our Division where
>> _finally_, all machines are set up to become dual-boot.
>> I am even happy enough with 8.1, which I have used since 2003. it comes to
>> show that Linux as it were several years ago stands the test of time. I
>> see no reason to bump up, despite the painlessness of the upgrade (home
>> directories stay in tact)
> I have SuSE on two machines here and Ubuntu on a 3rd. I'm happy with
> the product and have plenty of good to say about it. It's not perfect
> and there are a few minor quibbles here and there but I don't think I
> own anything that's perfect... certainly not Windows.
> But despite SuSE being a good product this thread was about Novell
> reporting it's quarterly financials. I don't get the connection how my
> running SuSE on two machines helps Novell any. Perhaps it may have
> helped "a little" because I bought a Linux mag that had a free SuSE
> DVD. Maybe Novell got a small percentage of that but I suspect that the
> magazine got the lions share of the money. ( I have a DSL connection so
> downloading a 600-Meg Ubuntu iso is one thing... but downloading a
> 4-Gig SuSE image is altogether a different story.)

I think the answer should be rather transparent. (Wo)Man uses SuSE at home,
(wo)man asks boss to buy SuSE for the workstation at the office. (Wo)Man
installs SuSE at home, friend is impressed by XGL, stability, "what, no
anti-virus?", then orders CD's or DVD's from Novell. All in all, it's an

Best wishes,


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