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Re: "With Microsoft in Chaos, Our Moment Has Arrived"

__/ [ Sinister Midget ] on Wednesday 29 March 2006 13:26 \__

> On 2006-03-29, chopin1810700@xxxxxxxxx <chopin1810700@xxxxxxxxx> posted
> something concerning:
>> I think you're exaggerating a little bit.
> What did he say that was exaggeration? Since nothing is quoted, I can't
> be sure, but I don't believe he had anything to say one way or the
> other. I think he just quoted an article. I presume he agrees with the
> content of the article at some level, but I didn't see anyone ask and
> can't be certain.

I only quoted. I didn't comment on aspects of consent, but thought it would
be of interest (and relevance) to the newsgroup.

>> Microsoft won't just fall apart. They are far too smart for that.
>> The only way for them to lose market share would be by way of more and
>> more anti-trust lawsuits popping up everywhere.

See my recent post. The EU are all over Vista *already*. They are checking
how its constituent components violate trust and exploit a monopoly on the
desktop as to extend to Web services (owing to innocence of users).

> 1. Where did he predict MICROS~1 would fall apart (that might relate to
> the "I think you're exaggerating" piece)?

Microsoft will mutate to something else (Microservice?), but the day of
*commercial* software (including O/S) will soon be over.

You, as the user, will use what resides on the Net or your USB pen (or
matchbox-sized mass-storage in the near future, or just a 'matchstick').
Maybe Microsoft's software it will be made free and the business model will
vary to evolve to changes. Microsofthave already moved to business (/a la/
IBM), as opposed to being development-oriented. They have recently adopted
Open Source practices such as a public bug management system.

> 2. "market share" is only meaningful if one counts sales. MICROS~1
> could have 100% market share by selling only 2 copies of a type of
> product if those were the only 2 sold by anyone. But if 10,000,000 were
> acquired freely, those 2 copies wouldn't matter much. Would they?
> 3. MICROS~1's stranglehold is slipping. It's slipping in places where
> there has been /no/ antiturst going on, and has never had any (Brazil,
> Venezuela, Austrailia, China, India, etc). I'd say you seem to have it
> wrong.
> 4. You can have your opinion about how smart they are. I'll retain
> mine. How smart they may or may not be will probably have little to do
> with whether or not they continue to exist in the future. Business,
> competition, attitudes of customers and other things will probably have
> more effect than the IQ of anyone working there now or in the future.

Microsoft as a software production vendor is destined to become a miserable
failure before 2010. Stock value will plummet, but the company will carry on
living as something different altogether. Gates will rock on his chair and
tell his children about the olden days when he ruled (and fooled) the entire
software industry.

Mark my words. The world changes already.

Best wishes,


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