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Re: [OT] - Adsense broken today ?

__/ [ Paul B ] on Sunday 07 May 2006 13:28 \__

> On Sun, 07 May 2006 13:06:05 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>__/ [ Paul B ] on Sunday 07 May 2006 12:55 \__
>>> On Sun, 7 May 2006 12:39:18 +0100, "T.J." <no1@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>"Paul B" <lamewolf2004@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>>> On 7 May 2006 04:38:10 GMT, John Bokma <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>>>David <seodave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> <snip>
>>I once read *this* one from Brad:
>>,----[ Quote ]
>>| It has gotten good enough that one can now readily see making a living as
>>| a good web writer through adsense. At an extreme example, my Copyright
>>| Myths article, which is admittedly very popular, is now generating over
>>| $250 per month in revenue. Just that one article. An author able to
>>| generate articles that popular (admittedly difficult, part of the
>>| popularity comes from having been around for decades and being linked
>>| to from many places) could make a living wage.
>>                                URL: http://ideas.4brad.com/node/264
>>Needless  to  mention, it didn't make my day. The contentment that I  get,
>>nonetheless,  is from knowing that visitors read material that I write. It
>>gives a sense of achievement and opens many doors (e.g. people in my field
>>of research know me much better).
>>To  use  repellent  terms,  I believe that  any  site  without  egocentric
>>attribution  must  at least make profits, or else it  becomes  pointeless.
>>That  said,  sustaining  profits  in a changing  terrain  is  yet  another
>>matter-slash-problem.  Brad  Templeton  has had his material up  for  many
>>years  (he  is  among the first people on the Net), but  who  knows  where
>>Google  will  be 5 years down the line? Who knows where the Internet  will
>>                        China to have 60 million bloggers by end of 2006.
>>Best wishes,
> Its okay if you have a diverse market, but when your whole site mainly
> one thing, then I tend to get the same adverts appear.
> I dont want to clutter up the site with loads of adverts either.
> Adsense is still very "sticky"   not updated itself in hours and not
> moved at all ....... even though I have visited some of the pages to
> see if the adverts are there.

My sentiments exactly. A large proportion of my main site carries no adds.
The only parts that /do/ carry ads involved the inclusion of JS code in a
PHP or a Perl script, which generates the 'AdSense bits' somewhere along the
'production line'. It makes it rather painless. The content itself is
diverse, much like yours. It's focused around personal activities, so it's a
matter of what I happened to think/see on one day or another (e.g. in the
case of blogging).

> I hope its just a glitch.
> plh
> Paul

If your site statistics lie in adversity to the number of page impressions,
check to see if something has broken. That's all I can suggest as it is what
I would do if I were in your shoes.

Back to code,



        __/ [ Paul B ] added on Sunday 07 May 2006 13:32 \__
        > Have you (or anyone else) tried this :
        > http://www. direct-link-ads.com/Advertising/PublisherWebsites/

Sorry, no.

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