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Re: No Network No Mouse

In <14548429.jzdlWOMZc0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Roy Schestowitz:


> command-line mode YaST

I'm coming late to this thread so apologies if I'm completely out in the
weeds with this. But I commonly use YaST in CLI mode by switching to one
of the CLI consoles (keyboard sequence CTL/ALT/FN, where N=1,2,...,6).

Then, return to default X (console 7, CTL/ALT/F7) after YaST is done.

(Of course, YaST must be done as root, wherever it's used)

I also find CLI especially handy for limited RAM--YaST just seems to run
much better (especially in limited RAM) via CLI, without X overhead.

Sometimes for limited RAM, modifying your X setup is easier running sax2
directly from one of the CLI consoles (1-6) after taking the system from
X to non-X with "init 3" (as root, of course--"init 5" for X again).

Using "init 3" and sax2 directly in a CLI, without YaST at all, has been
generally very effective for me in fixing a wobbly X setup. There's also
been a few times when X apparently was arguing with networking--that was
rare, but required "init 2" instead of "init 3" (i.e., no networking).

Again, sorry if I completely misunderstand the situation--HTH, YMMV.

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