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Re: Guess the O.S...

__/ [ Da'Punk-A ] on Friday 19 May 2006 17:28 \__

> I went to an optician's today to have my eyes tested.  I needed new
> glasses, so I chose some frames.  I stood at the counter while the
> assistant typed my details into the computer.  A look of annoyance
> passed over her face, and she said sorry, the computer was "playing up"
> and she needed to switch it off and restart it.
> I asked if this was a common occurrence.  Alas yes, she said, but the
> reboot would sort it out.  I then asked what operating system it was
> running, just to confirm the prejudiced assumption that had sprung to
> my mind.  I was right.
> Can anyone guess what the O.S. in question was?  A clue: if the reboot
> hadn't worked, she would probably have needed to throw a chair at it.

    How to fix your Windows Application when it doesn?t work:

      (1) Stop and start the program
       (2) Log in and log out again
        (3) Reboot the machine
         (4) Reinstall the application again
          (5) Reinstall the operating system
           (6) Dance naked around the machine, waving a rubber chicken
            (7) "Take your machine back for servicing"
                - Chris Wedgwood 

To be less sarcastic, I failed to find an article which speaks of optician
stores where GNU/Linux is now used exclusively. I saw it in the news some
months back. Anyway, here's something related which I came across in my
unsuccessful search:


        Developing Linux tools for an Opticians shop

Best wishes,

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