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Re: Dumb LifeDrive question - help!

__/ [ Duncan Langford ] on Wednesday 17 May 2006 14:26 \__

> I'm fully prepared to hear that the answer is blindingly obvious - but I
> can't find it...
> I've happily loaded three or four films onto my LifeDrive's internal HD;
> it's nearly full. I'm buying a new 4gb card, so thought it was time to
> remove the old films from the LifeDrive HD - but I can see no way of doing
> this (short of wiping the entire drive).
> The films don't show up with the Palm 'delete' menu; they don't show up for
> CleanData or CleanInstaller... in fact, had CardInfo not shown the HD as
> full, I'd have begun to doubt the films were actually there (except that
> they play, of course!)
> So: please, how do I delete films from the internal HD of a LifeDrive?
> - duncan

I am not a LifeDrive owner, but LifeDrives are functioning as mass storage
devices.  Have you tried plugging it in to your Desk/laptop and then  open
the  LifeDrive  as though it was a new external drive? You should then  be
able  to erase files from it. That aside, I don't know what happens if you
run a Palm file manager such as FileZ on the LifeDrive. That's the type of
program to use when you want to clean up an SD card. Might come ion handy,
and it's free...


Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz 
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