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Re: [News] Analysts unhappy with Windows Vista

William Poaster wrote:
> Jim Richardson wrote:
>>  Hadron wrote:
>>> High Plains Thumper writes:
>>>> DFS wrote:
>>>>> High Plains Thumper wrote:
>>>>>> DFS wrote:
>>>>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>>>>> I wonder if Microsoft employees use Vista. Microsoft won't say.
>>>>>>> I wonder if Roy will ever quit lying.  He won't say.
>>>>>> Oh, really?  Statement may be speculative, but a lie? Hardly.
>>>>> That one's not a lie - it's just another attempt to denigrate Vista
>>>>> - but many of his other spews are.
>>>> Interesting statement.  First you accuse Roy of being a continual
>>>> liar, now his statement is not a lie, but others are.
>>>>>>> I once read about a shrill open source "advocate" and avowed
>>>>>>> MS-hater who listed various Windows and Visual Basic skills on his
>>>>>>> resume in a greedy attempt to grub more money by claiming
>>>>>>> proficiency with proprietary technologies.
>>>>>> http://www.faqs.org/faqs/linux/advocacy/faq-and-primer/
>>>>> I don't get you.  Why aren't you posting this silly FAQ 20x a day to
>>>>> Roy 'Lying Spamming Idiot' Schestowitz for his many lying cola spams
>>>>> that have absolutely nothing to do with Linux?
>>>>> Why the hypocrisy?  oh yeah... you're a cola "advocate" and the
>>>>> standards you like best are double standards.
>>>> It is not hard to figure you out.  You attack the advocate rather
>>>> than discuss the arguments of the advocate, with accusations of greed
>>>> just because one includes skills accorded to that of a non-Linux
>>>> operating system.
>>>> Thus, I would say it is you that maintains a double standard.
>>> LOL. You really must be the slowest "advocate" ever to post to COLA.
>>> Roy listing proprietary skills to further his income is the double
>>> standard. And if you can't see that then you need another couple of
>>> Cola bottles added to your spectacles.
>> Do you have anything to say that *isn't* an attack on other people?
> Coming from Quack, who claims to be a "linux advocate", but also says
> he's a "A long term windows user & programmer", that's rich.
> From: Hadron <qadronhuark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Newsgroups: alt.os.linux.ubuntu
> Subject: Re: wireless sucks with Ubuntu
> Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2007 12:55:17 +0200
> Message-ID: <87y7hxdaei.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Plus, his spiel is off-topic, a personal accusational rant against one
individual.  One only need read his words, which bespeak of personal
vindictiveness.  Accusations of such have no place in this forum.  It is
this same mantra, the trolls have maintained.

Here is a good explanation as to what is happening in c.o.l.advocacy:


(BTW, I am glad to see that the hyphenologist got their website up and
operating again.  For a while their name defaulted to parked status.)

Subject: 3.4  The nasty Troll

If anyone does anything which will interfere with the troll's ability to
cause mayhem, they can become very nasty, posting from obviously incorrect
variations of the name etc. insults, call them netcops, netnannies,

Various off usenet methods are also used to force the victim to stop
posting:  Subscribing the victim to hundreds of unwanted pornographic
email newsletters, and sites. Complaining to employers about non existent
misdemeanours. Sending garbage emails without indication of sender.
Telephone calls at dead of night.  Harassing the close relatives of

I have seen posts threatening Roy that fall into this category.  Hadron's
complaint against all advocates including myself falls into the "non
existent misdemeanours", except complaints so far seem to have been
limited to the forum.  Of course, the part about "obviously incorrect
variations of the name, etc. insults" is very characteristic of Hadron.

Then there is the small handful of trolls, relying on Google-Groups,
open proxies, anonymising remailers, with occasional free usenet
server posts and paid for (cheap) troll friendly usenet ISP's, who fit
this description to a "Tee":

Subject: 3.5  The evil and illegal Troll

If anyone does anything which will interfere with the troll's ability to
cause mayhem, they also forge posts in that persons name and internet
address and libel them on usenet.  Both these are illegal.


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