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Re: The Reaons MSBBC Cannot be Taken Seriously Anymore

William Poaster wrote:
High Plains Thumper wrote:
William Poaster wrote:
Mark Kent wrote:


Believe me, there is a long way further down to go
before it looks like US television.  You might not
believe it, but it's worse than you can possibly

I know, I have a house in the US.

I remember in 1977 or '78, listening to short wave radio
broadcasts from BBC Australia during wee hours of the night
in US.  They spoke of skirmishes in Borneo, so many troops
and insurgents killed, etc.  This was news that never made
headlines in US TV news and newspapers.

1977/78? There was the "Malayan Emergency" in the 1950's aimed
at destroying a communist guerrilla movement, but I don't
recall anything in the 1970's.

It's been a while. Could have been 1983. I was visiting my parents whilst a college student, then again when I started work. They had my short wave radio. It was BBC Australia, speaking of government operations in Borneo/Papua Guinea. Things like a couple soldiers killed, a dozen rebels killed, etc. Stuff one would not hear in the US, perhaps not even BBC Europe.

Then I had a better impression of BBC over US news media. I still watch BBC over US news on cable TV. It seems their coverage is more balanced.

Takeover of BBC by Microsoft concerns me.  It appears to be
another way to censor news about Linux and other operating
systems, IMHO.

It concerns a lot of people who know what's going on.

It is rather sad that an operating system cannot compete on its merits and must be catered to through purposeful lock-in. For public available viewing, using proprietary codecs that require a specific operating system and software is just plain wrong.

It is like use of proprietary software and formats to view government/public content. Open formats provide an even footing for all manufacturers of software and equipment. It concerns me that one source seeks to be just that, one source to the detriment of the rest.


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